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Exit Clear

Introducing Cassette-Head Monsters in Horror Game ‘Tangiers’

The newly released trailer for indie game Tangiers is surreal, weird, and utterly creepy—and the rest of the game sounds even weirder.

Developer Andalusian Games bills the game as a “horror-tinged stealth game,” but that does nothing to convey the strangeness in the underlying idea. According to the description on the game’s official website, “you play an outsider, an interloper that doesn’t belong in this world.”

Oh, and “your arrival has triggered events that are tearing at the fabric of reality—as you flit through existence an already off-kilter world folds in on itself.”


As for gameplay: “Keep to the shadows and avoid conflict. Use strategy, guile & quick thinking to overcome problems…Use language as a weapon; stealing dialogue and using it to manipulate, mislead and control.” Watch the trailer closely and you’ll get some hints that “speech contamination” is something to worry about.

And, as the video demonstrates, there might also be chances to dish out some head-smashing on Tangiers’ dangerous, weirdo denizens (including the ones with tape cassettes for heads). But who is the monster, and who is the victim? I don’t know, but I want to find out.

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