In 2014, Salvador Alvarenga made international headlines after surviving 15 months lost at sea. A news clip discussing his amazing ordeal can be seen below:

But now the Mexican fisherman is in the news once again after being accused of cannibalism by the family of his former colleague.

In late 2012, Alvarenga set out on a two-day fishing trip with fellow fisherman Ezequiel Cordoba. Before long, the boat’s engine failed, and a storm destroyed their communication equipment, leaving the pair lost at sea.

At first, both men survived by catching fish and other ocean life. They even resorted to drinking their own urine after fresh water supplies ran out. But according to Alvarenga, Cordoba eventually succumbed to the elements, and his body was tossed overboard.

Apparently, Cordoba’s family thinks there is more to the story, and is demanding $1 million for the alleged act of cannibalism perpetrated against their son.

However, Alvarenga denies the accusations, claiming he promised a still-living Cordoba he would never resort to eating his corpse. Alvarenga’s lawyer also suggested the suit was without merit and is simply an attempt to cash in on profits from Alvarenga’s recent book deal. And given the fact that the only witness besides Alvarenga is dead, it’s going to be very hard for Cordoba’s family to make a compelling case that they aren’t simply in it to make a buck.

(Source: Gladstone Observer)