“Hey, you know the toughest enemy to deal with in the Super Mario franchise, the one relegated to the ends of games, or at the very least, the ends of levels? Why not put him at the beginning of a level, so that anyone who plays it immediately feels disgrace and humiliation?”

That’s presumably what went through the mind of Castlevania designer Koji Igarashi when he whipped up his Mario Maker level, and threw the diabolical turtle Bowser at its start, as part of Polygon’s “Devs Make Mario” video series. Tough though it may be, the short level is definitely beatable—provided you can escape Bowser, who pursues Mario with an insane zeal, even to his own death.

At least there’s not really a Mario equivalent of those bastard Medusa heads from Castlevania, though. That would probably create a level that would encourage a lot of thrown controllers and swearing.