Cartoon Network show Rick and Morty, a goofy take on a Doc Brown/Marty McFly relationship but with a drunk super scientist grandpa and a none-too-sharp adolescent sidekick, sees its characters adventuring through the multiverse. Sometimes they ruin whole universes. It’s pretty screwy.

One of the benefits of the multiverse, however, is that there are endless Ricks and Mortys to run into, and that’s the premise of Pocket Mortys, the Rick and Morty game coming to iOS and Android next week. There are all these sad, weird Mortys in the multiverse, and Rick commands them in battle. It’s exactly like a Rick and Morty version of Pokemon.

In fact, there are 52 Mortys (see them all here) you can collect throughout the course of the game to use in battle, including a Morty who holds a spoon, a Morty with a bunch of cats, a Morty with no skin, and a Cronenberg Morty, which is basically a big gooey mess.

We still don’t know what Pocket Mortys will cost, although we do know it’ll hit its various app stores on Jan. 14. And honestly, it’s hard to think of a price that would be too much for the chance to collect and battle a team of Cronenberg Mortys.