Whether it’s legal or not, an unregulated cannabis shop has opened in Boston’s Allston neighborhood.

Bill Downing, who operates CBD Please, tells CBS Boston that the cannabis salves, sprays and capsules he sells are for medical use only—but he does not have a license to sell medical marijuana. “The state can do anything they want. They can throw me in jail,” Downing says. “I’m doing it for the patients here in the state and I really don’t care about the bureaucracies trying to stop me because they’re immoral. And because the public does not support them.”

Downing says all his products are legally made from hemp oil, which is imported from Eastern Europe. The active ingredient in hemp, cannabidiol (CBD), is unlike THC because it is non-psychoactive. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health closed down Downing’s previous store, so you may want to get over to 218 Lincoln Road with your doctor’s note fairly soon.

(via High Times)