Jay-Z has a song called “Run This Town” featuring Kanye West and Rihanna. I have never liked the song much to begin with. And, since it became a massive, ubiquitous hit five years ago, I’ve heard it way too often against my will to ever want to hear it again. I question CBS’s judgement in wanting to use a song so old and so played-out on a weekly basis during the network’s NFL Thursday Night Football broadcast. But I don’t watch football, so it’s hardly a decision I’d speak out against.

Now, however, such is the fallout from player Ray Rice’s reprehensible actions that CBS has chosen to eliminate the song from the broadcast entirely. Go ahead, take a second to do the convoluted math as to why this would be the case. Remember to show your work.

[CBS] has cut the segment seemingly because Rihanna has been a public victim of domestic abuse and that did not set the right “tone” in a game featuring the Pittsburg Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens – suspended running back Ray Rice’s former team.

I respect CBS’ desire to be sensitive to an important issue. But Rhianna was, as the network itself acknowledges, the victim. I’m not sure that removing her work amounts to much more than a penalty for same.

(Via Billboard.com)