Bay Area artist Hannah Rothstein has put a brilliant spin on the traditional dreidel: The Dr. Dreidel.

It’s a wooden dreidel that features four faces of Dre—each of which corresponds ith the “aftermath” of the dreidel’s spin. Rothstein’s website says The Dr. Dreidel was created for “its sheer hilarity and the love of puns.”

Here’s a breakdown of Dre’s faces as they correspond with the spin’s outcome, as described by Rothstein:

  • ג Gimmel, ‘take all,’ is a dreidel player’s dream. It gets a thumbs up from a happy Dr. Dre.
  • ה Hay, 'take half,’ is no reason to party, but isn’t too shabby, hence the mildly smug portrait or Dr. Dre.
  • נ Nun, 'nothing happens,’ is a boring outcome. A dead-pan Dr. Dre affirms this.
  • ש Shin, 'put one in,’ is pretty depressing; the dreidel player loses an M & M or other such playing piece. But shins are seldom a chronic problem in dreidel. Dr. Dre’s definitely overreacting.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on The Dr. Dreidel this Hanukkah season. It’s not yet for sale, but, according to UPROXX, Rothstein hopes to begin selling them soon.