It’s no surprise that celebrities are worth a fortune; however, some celebrities, like Bob Saget, are surprisingly worth more than we ever imagined. With information from Celebrity Net Worth, we found 20 celebrities who’s net worth definitely surprised us, whether they were incredibly high or terrifyingly low.

1. Paul McCartney $1.2 B
We all know how successful the Beatles and McCartney’s singles careers respectively were, but this is surprising simply because it was earned without inventing a popular social media platform or phone app.

2. Ken Jeong $14 M
Jeong was going to be well off regardless considering he’s a physician, but three Hangover movies and a role on Community took his bank account to levels that modern medicine alone couldn’t have.

3. Ryan Seacrest $200-250 M
Who knew hosting stuff could be so lucrative?! Despite once trying to high five a blind guy on American Idol, Seacrest has managed to build a fortune.

4. John Stamos $40 M
That Full House syndication money ain’t no joke.

5. Bob Saget $100 M
Seriously, it’s not.

6. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen $300 M
Like, FOR REAL, those Full House royalties are ridiculous.

7. Jerry Ferrara $10 M
People who thought he’d forever be Turtle from Entourage were wrong, as he’s been the most active cast member since the series ended, which may shock those who thought he’d only play one character for life.

8. Chingy $15 M
Chingy has $15,000,000. Chingy has 15 million dollars. Chingy has 15 million dollars.

9. Larry The Cable Guy $60 M
60 million dollars is a lot of dough for someone who wears sleeveless shirts when he performs, but isn’t a NBA superstar.

10. Carrot Top $75 M
Props to the guy who made $75 million using props.

11. Barack Obama $7 M
Chingy has $8,000,000 more than President Obama. Chingy has eight million dollars more than President Obama. Chingy has eight million dollars more than President Obama.

12. DMX $-10 M
That’s NEGATIVE 10 million dollars. Why didn’t anyone tell Mr. X about overdraft protection?

13. DJ Pauly D $13 M
After Jersey Shore he became a successful DJ and earned this absurd, massive, shocking amount of money.

14. Scott Weinger $12 M
Yes, he voiced Aladdin, but it’s still hard to believe that DJ Tanner’s boyfriend, Steve, has 12 million smackaroos.

15. Bow Wow $600,000
Over half a million dollars for average folks? Phenomenal. For a rapper and actor who appears to have had success in his lengthy career? Surprisingly low.

16. Jessica Simpson $1 B*
Note the asterisk. So, Jessica Simpson’s net worth is listed at $150 million, but her retail empire is apparently bringing in $1 billion annually, and the idea of Jessica “Chicken Of The Sea” Simpson being a billionaire is hilarious.

17. Bono $600 M
Apparently that’s more than enough money to hack iTunes and force-feed your album into people’s electronic devices.

18. Jaden Smith $8 M
Jaden Has Eight Million Dollars But That Net Worth Doesn’t Define Or Control Him. If Money Itself Doesn’t Create Success, Does The Freedom To Make Money Create Success?

19. Bill Gates $81 B
Even though we’re all aware of how rich Bill Gates is, hearing that number is astounding. EIGHTY ONE BILLION. That’s such a preposterous amount of money for one human to have, and when you think about how many actual physical bills that is, it’s just such a preposterous amount.

20. Taylor Swift $200 M
And nobody will date her? I think it’s because she’s dating famous, rich dudes. If she finds someone who doesn’t have more than one comma in his bank account and 100,000 followers on Twitter, he won’t go anywhere.