In Jupiter Island, Florida, your heart can go on and on in a lazy river that used to belong to beloved Canadian icon Celine Dion. The cost of getting to be a little like Celine? It’s roughly about $38.5 million. Even though yes, that is an insane amount of money, it is still a great deal for this gargantuan water obsessed estate. According to Top ten Real Estate Deals, the estate was priced around $72 million in 2013, and since has been priced down to the $38.5 million mark. For a 500,000 gallon water park, two pools and a lazy river, it sounds like a bargain to anyone who wants to relive their childhood.

Due to Dion’s residency in Las Vegas, the estate was not being used, and it will continue to be vacant since her residency goes till 2019. How could someone let a house like this get so lonely? Just look at these pictures.

So hold out for a few more years and cross your fingers that you’ll become the next Bill Gates.