London restaurants are now serving Champagne out of a glass modeled on Kate Moss’s left breast. The 34 Kate Moss coupe was released as a celebration of Moss’s 25-year career in the fashion industry and the British supermodel’s fortieth birthday.

British artist Jane McAdam Freud (great-granddaughter of Sigmund) designed the bowled glass as a modern interpretation of the original Champagne coupe, supposedly modeled after Marie Antoinette’s left breast during the 18th Century. To make the drinking glass, the artist formed a mold of Moss’s breast using soft gummy material. That was turned into plaster, and then glass and then a lacy, art-deco pattern was added. Moss’s signature was engraved at the bottom of the long stem.

Starting today, you can find the coupe in London’s 34 restaurant and its private Tracey Emin room, which is decorated with drawings of the female anatomy. The coupe is also available at the Ivy, Daphne’s and Scott’s.

(Via Vogue)

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