Start polishing those resumes, kids. Chance The Rapper needs an intern. On Monday, the Chicago native tweeted that he’s looking for someone with experience in “putting together decks and writing proposals.”

While those duties may extend beyond the typical intern fare of taking lunch orders and shredding files, the opportunity to work alongside the hottest rapper in the game—even if it’s totally pro bono—has proved an attractive opportunity to some real keeners.

One potential candidate tweeted that he’s a “2nd year law student in Chicago looking for a summer job,” and has “lots of experience dealing with the media and background in entertainment and contract law.” Another went so far as to tweet out her actual resume:

But not everyone was feeling Chance’s surprise outreach. Unpaid internships often border on exploitation, and some Twitter users called the rapper out for asking people work for free.

Chance seemed to address their concerns in a follow-up tweet, writing that while he’s aware of the negative connotations around the word intern, the position he’s looking to fill doesn’t have an official title—but it is a “job.”

Does that mean it might be a paid position? Considering this is the same man who recently donated $1 million to Chicago public schools, it seems unlikely he’d ask someone to work for him for free.

If you feel like hanging out Chano all summer, send youe resume (in the form of a deck or a proposal) to