A 51-year-old Welsh man was accused of possessing bestiality porn that authorities thought was a video of a woman fucking a tiger.

Six months later, the charges against Andrew Holland were dropped when someone realized that in reality, the woman was having sex with a man dressed as a tiger, according to The Independent.

So, yeah, the system really failed Holland.

How does one mistake a person in a tiger suit for a real tiger, and then conclude that somehow a woman was willing to fuck a real live tiger without a worry that it might, I don’t know, eat her or something?

It’s unclear. But officials did realize their mistake when they noticed that during the video the tiger says “That’s grrrrrrrreat!” Which is not a noise that real tigers generally make. It’s a phrase that an animated Tiger named Tony uses to try and sell a breakfast cereal.

One likes to picture one of the officials going back to watch the video in private—you know, out of curiosity—seeing the film for what it really was, then flipping the fuck out and running to tell his supervisors that they had made a pretty huge mistake.

Holland lost his job, had a heart attack, was targeted by vigilantes and bombarded by hate mail in the wake of the incident. And now he’s fighting back against the United Kingdom’s “Extreme Pornography Act.” Under the law, a person can be prosecuted for possession of a pornographic image labeled “extreme” if it shows necrophilia or bestiality, threatens someone’s life or could cause serious injury to the anus, breasts or genitals. The law also applies to “grossly offensive” or “disgusting” images, which are pretty subjective parameters.

Holland maintains friends sent him the video as a joke.