Blonde bombshell model Charlotte McKinney packs a double punch, representing that one may be both beauty and brains, hanging with comedian Jeffrey Ross, aka the beloved “Roastmaster General.“

McKinney shared a photo with her 1.2 million Instagram followers, also featuring actor/comedian David Spade (and fan of McKinney), actress/comedian Liz Carey, and McKinney’s BFF, fashion and beauty blogger Caitlin Chapman.

The group joined together to film a segment for Funny or Die, watching The Bachelor and commenting throughout the episode.

The segment aired on Funny or Die’s Facebook page.

Carey shared a photo of the group mid-laugh.

Spade shared an abridged clip via Twitter.

McKinney and Chapman have both been spotted at Ross’ Roast Battle, shown here with Snoop Dogg.

#roastbattle 🎤

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Here is a clip.

Watch the full episode on Comedy Central.

Currently, the busy blonde has been dividing her time between charity work, appearances, and modeling gigs, which she shares frequently with her followers.

While recently in Miami, McKinney spent time at the beach, appropriately decked out in various swimwear.

McKinney channels Brigitte Bardot as she and friend Brittany Welch toast a “cheers to the weekend.”

Cheers to the weekend 🍹 ! @brittanymwelch

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When ppl comment on how much food we take down 😬😬🍣🍟🌭

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Welch shared her own photos of the “great weekend in Miami.”

Great weekend in Miami 🌴

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Caitlin Chapman was also along for the ride, spotted in this group shot of the girls.

Saturday is for the girls 💖

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