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Exit Clear

15 Incredible GIFs of the Very Bouncy Charlotte McKinney

15 Incredible GIFs of the Very Bouncy Charlotte McKinney: Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson

Charlotte McKinney has been compared to Kate Upton for…well, obvious reasons. Blond hair? Check. Looks great in a bikini? Check. Big…personality? Check. And she’s just as fun to watch in action as Kate. Just take a look at some of her hottest GIFs.

Nice turn

Keeps getting better as you go up

We want to see what’s outside of the frame

Blue is definitely her color

Only girl who can making eating a burger look hot

Watch those hands, young lady!

We like the view from the back

Be careful not to get too sandy

What is she looking at?

Love that smile

Now that’s a nice closeup

Feeling patriotic?

Let that hair flow in the breeze

Playing with her hair

Let’s assume that kiss is for us

Playboy Social

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