There was a time when Charlotte McKinney was considered “the next Kate Upton.” But considering Kate Upton hasn’t really been doing anything that noteworthy as of late, it’s pretty safe-to-say Charlotte McKinney is winning this competition right now. For example, she just did a photoshoot with GOSEE magazine,which we assume is pronounced “GO SEE” like it’s spelled and not “GOOSEY” which would be a great name for a magazine, where she took some very scandalous photo. There was one where she just wore a pair of jeans with a handbra.

Damn, those are some good looking jeans! She took some other pictures where she took her pants off, but put a top back on. Well, not really a “top.” Just a bra.

And then she also took one in a swimsuit, since that’s pretty much her go-to outfit.

You can head over to GOSEE’s website to see the full photoshoot. And yes, we’re still pretending it’s pronounced “Goosey.”

Or you could just go to Charlotte’s Instagram page. There’s plenty of good stuff on there as well:


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missing my dreadlocks 💇🏼 #mrd

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Take me back to Miami 🌞🌞 @troyzan @editionhotels @acaciaswimwear #MiamiBeachEDITION

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