I love Halloween because it’s gotten to be so completely and utterly absurd. A few years ago, this whole “Halloween is your chance to dress however you want!” craze really found its legs. Sudden, “Doctor”, “Police Officer”, and “Fire Fighter” costumes became “Sexy Doctor”, “Sexy Police Officer”, and “Sexy Fire Fighter”. I, for one, am all for it! And it’s not just for the ladies. A couple of years ago I went as a Sexy Lumberjack, which just consisted of loose overalls and work gloves and nothing else. It was almost liberating.

Things have taken an even better turn, now. These days, a costume concept isn’t even required anymore. Just take Charlotte McKinney, for example. The busty blonde bombshell basically just wore lingerie as her costume. By definition, this isn’t even a costume. She isn’t dressed up as anything whatsoever. However, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone complaining about it because she looked absolutely fantastic.

She claims that she was a ringleader. Sure, whatever you say, Charlotte.

And here are some other pictures of Charlotte McKinney for you to enjoy:


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