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Exit Clear

Charlotte McKinney Rang in the New Year By Busting Right Out of Her Bikini Top

January 1st 🎉

A photo posted by charlottemckinney (@charlottemckinney) on

I’ve raved about the existence of Charlotte McKinney over and over and over, and rightfully so. She deserves the world. If I were to ever commit a bank robbery, I’d only have two demands: a private jet for my escape and that McKinney get a full pardon (because in this fantasy, we have a Jack and Rose meets Bonnie and Clyde sort of thing going on).

Honestly, part of me thinks McKinney even has her own secret zodiac sign because she’s the grandest creation of the Heavens and her horoscope likely reads, “You’re once again going to be the best today. Don’t go mad with power.” But she’d never do that, because she’s more on the charitable side of things. I mean, come on, these holiday pics technically count as blessings.


A photo posted by charlottemckinney (@charlottemckinney) on

Happy new yearrr

A photo posted by charlottemckinney (@charlottemckinney) on

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