Charlotte McKinney has been a busy lady as of late. Whether she’s filming for Sports Illustrated, posing for Men’s Health, or having Rob Gronkowski spike footballs on her butt, she’s almost definitely been all of your news feed lately. She’s also arguably the hottest woman on earth right now. Everything about her appears to be so perfect that it’s hard to believe she wasn’t created in a lab. Or, at the very least, it’s hard to believe the she hasn’t been augmented with the help of some surgery. Well, she insists it’s all real.

The five most common answers Charlotte gives when asked if her enormous boobs are real are as follows:

  • “Wow, that is such a good question”

I know it’s a good question. That’s why I asked it. Sheesh.

  • “A unicorn gave them to me”

That would actually explain a lot.

  • “I was shopping on SkyMall”

So, you’re saying that they ARE fake? Now I’m confused.

  • “Justin Bieber thinks they’re real”

This doesn’t even make sense. Are you telling me that Justin Bieber has felt them? Or are you simply saying his name for the sake of it?

  • “They’re ‘real’ off limits, that’s what they are.”

Yeah, that’s more like it.

This is just my opinion, but I think that everyone’s favorite blowjob proponent should stick to modelling and not put all her eggs in the comedy basket. That’s just my opinion, though. You be the judge: you’ve seen her try to be funny, now look at her pictures and you tell me.

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