WOW Air just turned five years old (they grow up so fast) and to celebrate, the Icelandic low-cost carrier is offering super cheap—like, ridiculously, disturbingly cheap—tickets from the U.S. to Europe this week.

“Hey, so how cheap are we talking?” you might ask. How does $55 sound to you? Right now, you can snag tickets via WOW Air for little more than the cost of an Amazon Echo Dot to visit destinations like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, London and Berlin. But you’ll have to fly out of Los Angeles and San Francisco between June 11 and June 28—a limited window, I know, but these are $55 plane tickets we’re talking about here.

For non-Californians, WOW is also offering tickets at the same price out of Miami to cities like Edinburgh and Frankfurt. But you’ll have to hurry; the airline only has limited quantities, because it’s not like selling $55 tickets every day is a sustainable business model.

Then again, this is the same airline that introduced $69 airfare to Europe (nice) back in January, and WOW CEO Skuli Mogensen said in a statement that the carrier’s goal is to “enable everybody to fly by offering the lowest fares on the market.”

And how do they do that? By telling passengers ahead of time not to expect the usual inflight amenities, like free food, water and Wi-Fi. (Checked bags are extra, too.) Hey, I’ll happily go hungry for a couple hours if it means flying across the Atlantic for less than what I spent at the bar last night.