Some people like boobs, other people like butts. I don’t judge, but some people even prefer feet. I, for one, am a sucker for nice eyes. Then there’s the ones who are into long legs. You know, the kind that’s obsessed with Stacy Keibler

Well, have I got something to show you! Meet 6-foot-4 Texas native Lauren Williams. Lauren is just your typical 25-year-old. She plays volleyball, she hangs out with her friends, she enjoys good food, oh yeah, and she has the longest legs in America. At 49 inches, respectively, Lauren’s legs are the longest pair in the country and it makes perfect sense that she puts them to good use by modelling.

It’s not always fun for her, as she struggles to find clothes that fit right, she has trouble sitting in airplanes, and she’s heard every not-so-funny height joke in existence. She even pokes a bit of fun at herself, evident by her Instagram name theclassicgiraffe.

Break’s over #imstillresting #reflections #icoulduseayogasesh 🙏 #typicalbruise

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Stare down 😎👀 @merrilees_swimwear 👙 #bts #justanotherdayattheoffice 💄 @danimtz86 📷 @gabzilla

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