In an age where political correctness seems to police good humor, Slovakian artist Martin Vargic’s “Map of Stereotypes” is a welcome respite. The crazy-talented 17-year-old made an entire book of insanely detailed maps:

[Martin Vargic / Penguin](

Martin Vargic / Penguin

Vargic told Buzzfeed: “The first version ‘Map of Stereotypes’, released in 2014, took around six more weeks to finish. The second, much more extensive 2.0 version was made specifically for the book. It took two additional weeks and contains more than 5,000 original labels.”

He gathered the data from a wide variety of sources, including television references tropes and online forums.

“I am sure there were people who took offence at the map and misunderstood its main purpose. However, the online response was generally much more positive than I originally expected,” Vargic says.