Miss July 2012 Shelby Chesnes can attest that the benefits of Instagram reach far beyond knowing what your cousin ate for lunch yesterday. After the producers of Horrible Bosses 2 came across the brunette beauty’s account, she was cast in a small but fairly pivotal role. In the sequel to the dark comedy Shelby’s character catches the eye of Kurt Buckman (Jason Sudeikis) as she jogs past him. This throws a wrench into a plan to kidnap Rex (Chris Pine)…and we’ll leave it at that to avoid spoilers. “I brought my sexy jogging skills to the set,” Shelby jokes of her addition to the celebrated cast, which also includes Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Aniston, Charlie Day (subject of this month’s 20Q), Jason Bateman and Kevin Spacey. Despite all that star power, Shelby’s favorite on-screen talent was her jogging partner Paco—Sudeikis’s dog—who is the former mug of Old Navy.

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