Developer Blizzard announced this week that about 10 million people have picked up its multiplayer shooter Overwatch, which is a pretty big deal for a game that only includes the ability to play online with other people. It’s a game that’s so successful, it’s surely inspiring imitation. Oh, and thievery.

As YouTuber BogsySenpai has discovered, there’s another take on the game available in China. And by take, of course I mean blatant, low-quality ripping off. Because Legend of Titan is exactly the same game with exactly the same characters, abilities and maps, but with slightly different artwork.

It’s actually kind of ridiculous how little effort was taken to distinguish the two games. It includes Overwatch’s characters down to their personalities, in fact. It’s mostly just an uglier version of Blizzard’s product, without the trademark polish. It looks kind of terrible, in fact.

It actually seems like the title, Legend of Titan, might be the most creative thing about the game. See, Titan was a years-in-development massively multiplayer project at Blizzard, along similar lines of it’s very successful World of Warcraft. Blizzard eventually scrapped that game, and from its ashes rose Overwatch. So Legends of Titan is a cute reference, at least.

Doesn’t seem like the Chinese game has nearly the same “can’t stop playing this damn game for some reason” X factor that Overwatch does, though. Wonder why.