A fancy five-course meal by celebrated chef Neal Fraser sounds like an evening of legend, but it really happened and it turned out to be a more of a trick. Recognized for his appearance on the fifth season of Top Chef Masters and praised by west coast food critics, Fraser duped the adoring food writers and bloggers who gathered together to see what the chef-owner of L.A.’s Redbird had to dazzle them with. It was McDonald’s ingredients and, curious enough, it was in the fast food giant’s favor.

Initially explaining that he’d be using fresh and experimental ingredients and promising nothing sneaky, the meal and vibe was anything but, really, since a McDonald’s team witnessed the whole thing go down from a live feed in another room. They watched these experienced food writers sit down at a table adorned in rustic yet elegant decor of wood gold, and glass (think hipster wedding), and they were probably giggling like school girls the entire time.

The problem here goes beyond gimmick. It’s like a respected academic giving a scholarship to a loadie who can’t show up on time to a shift at McDonald’s.

Fraser sees his partnership with Micky D’s as more fascinating than perplexing, per his released statement.

“It was an intriguing experiment. The challenge was the draw. Is it controversial? Sure. But this is also a means to keep the conversation going.”

But while Fraser found the whole thing amusing, he’s had to clarify that none of the food he serves to customers is from the same suppliers as McDonald’s.

How much you want to bet we’re going to see that overblown reveal in a McDonald’s commercial this year?