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12 Chefs Tell Us Which Tool They’d Save If Their Kitchen Was Burning Down

12 Chefs Tell Us Which Tool They’d Save If Their Kitchen Was Burning Down: Bob Kramer knives

Bob Kramer knives

Considering which items you’d choose to save if your house was burning down tends to be a revealing exercise. That’s why, as part of our Amusing Bouche interview series, we asked 12 chefs: If your kitchen is burning down, what’s the one gadget you’d save? From the practical to the sentimental, every answer gave us a little insight into each top chef—and what we should probably add to our own kitchens.

Cooks and Soldiers
My Kuntz spoons and Bob Kramer knives, everything else is just stuff.

Rustic Canyon
My phone charger.

Restaurant 1833
I would have to save my cake tester and Kramer knife. I keep a cake tester on me at all times and use it for so many things, from checking the temperature of meat to the doneness of vegetables. As far as the Kramer knife goes, Bob Kramer is one of the best blade-smiths in the world and I just love the knife! Every chef needs to have a good knife at all times and Bob works with you to pick out and customize each component.

Miami Beach restaurant
My knife bag with my Kenichi and Shun knives.

The Tripel
My Vitamix. I wouldn’t really call it a gadget, but I think that’s the same reason why I would save it. The versatility with this thing is endless!

I would fill my Hawks & Doves knife roll with all of my Middleton Made Knives. Both are crafted by incredibly talented artists. In my other hand would be my Vitamix. That unassuming yet beautiful piece of technology purées all day, every day at FIG. I would give up my cellphone before my Vitamix.

Lazy Bear
The espresso machine! It’s a Synesso Cyncra 2, and is probably the most expensive and most awesome piece of equipment we have.

Compère Lapin
My Imperia Pasta Machine, without a doubt.

LondonHouse Chicago
I would take the Volcano vaporizer. Not because I use it the most, but it has taken me six years to convince an employer to buy it for the kitchen.

CBD Provisions
I’d save Archibald, our sourdough starter. “Archie” for short. We make all our own bread, yogurt, buttermilk, fermented peppers in-house; all that stuff takes years to cultivate the flavors and specific nuances. You can re-buy any destroyed gadgets, but I would cry at the loss of Archie.

Craigie on Main
My Nenox Knives, and my meat grinder.

Ox & Son
Not so much a gadget but something that can’t be replaced. I would grab my recipe book that I’ve had for about 13 years. It has recipes, drawings and ideas in it that can’t be replaced. I should transfer them to my computer…but who has the time.

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