You know it’s the season of goodwill when the Wookiee starts caroling.

While audiences are losing their minds over Rogue One (read our review here), old-school fans can celebrate the yuletide mood with a video showing Chewbacca singing that Christmas classic “Silent Night.”

The audio from this actually comes from 1999, when Scott Andersen had the great idea of sampling Chewbacca’s various yelps and growls from the original trilogy and inserting them into a Yamaha keyboard’s automated version of the holiday song for maximum effect. The video, meanwhile, is by James Covenant and the How It Should Have Ended team.

Chewbacca’s serenade is in keeping with the long tradition of mixing Star Wars with the holiday season. In addition to the much-derided Star Wars Holiday Special, there was also an entire album called Christmas in the Stars, released in 1980 and featuring Star Wars themed holiday music… including this version of an old favorite, performed by Anthony Daniels, C-3PO himself:

Ho ho… ho…?