We all cringe at the thought of our parents getting too far into our personal lives, but it’s not every day that we get to read about other people’s parents being totally irrational and psychotic. Reddit wanted to hear some amazing helicopter parent stories and we’ve compiled our favorites below. Find more stories here.

My cousin had an interesting freshman year experience. She was roomed with another girl with a helicopter mother… the mother slept in this tiny dorm room with the daughter and my cousin for several weeks until she could convince the RA to kick the mother out.

This thread is my life. Up until I left for college my bedtime was 9 every night, I wasn’t supposed to be on the phone past 8:30, I wasn’t allowed to go outside by myself, couldn’t have friends over after 7, couldn’t go to a boys house until the summer after high school. I had to show my parents my grades every semester to show I was successful. I rode the bus until my senior year because they wouldn’t take me to get my license until I was. 17. He pretty much told me I had to attend a certain college because it was x amount of time away from home. While I’m in college, they make me show them my grades, check in once a week with three different family members, and makes me move home every summer. Now that I’m applying for masters programs and trying to move away, every conversation ends with an argument about me moving away and trying to start my own life.

When I was a freshman, my cousin was a senior and through him, I made a lot of friends that were upperclassmen. So at the end of the year, I got invited to go to prom. My parents made my date (who was just a friend) come over two weeks before prom and basically asked him every question imaginable. They got his phone number, home number, email, the works. He was super chill about it because my cousin had warned him beforehand. When prom actually came around, I wasn’t allowed to ride in the limo with everyone else. Instead, my mom drove me in her ugly ass Astro van that looked like the mystery machine and she had my siblings and cousins packed in there. When we got to the venue, she got off with me and asked an administrator if she could stay. Thank GOD he said no. Oh, and I had a curfew. 8:30PM. It was 7 when I got there.


Mom read in my diary that I had lost my virginity to my bf of the time X, she called my school’s principal to tell him that X had raped me.

I am still a teenager, so I’m still putting up with my parents’ helicopter habits.

My parents were furious when they found out I had watched The Hunger Games at a friend’s house. Same thing happens whenever I watch a movie rated PG or above and they’re not there to fast-forward through the kissing scenes and mild cursing.
They don’t allow me to spend money without telling them first. I once bought a pack of gum without telling them. It wasn’t pretty. Long story short, I got my phone taken away for a week after being chewed out for a solid hour.

My dad has software on my phone that tells him whatever I do on the internet. This includes texting and calling. He’ll probably see this, but I don’t care.

My buddy had the worst helicopter mom. We were going to college three hours away from his home town and ended up at a random bar for an after party with people we met just that night. His mom showed up (no idea how she found us), walked in and grabbed him by the ear and dragged him out to her car. She then proceeded to drive him back to our home town. The next day, she made him get a ride back to college with his former high school sweetheart he had recently broken up with. She did all this because mom didn’t approve of the breakup.

She would constantly go through my phone and read everything when I wasn’t around, and I’d find out when she brought up embarrassing information in front of friends, family, a crush. Once she found my crush on Facebook and messaged him a long-ass message that I don’t even want to know what it said (all I know is that he was super uncomfortable when he asked me if I knew she had contacted him). As for the worst part about it: I never felt a sense of freedom. I always felt watched. I was never a bad kid, but I felt violated every day and night. I felt like I never had my own sense of self.

My mother once drove to my workplace after school when I was 17 to check and make sure I was actually working. She then freaked out at me when I got home because she claimed I wasn’t there, when really she just didn’t drive all the way in the parking lot to avoid being seen since she drives such a distinct car.

That was around her phase of thinking I was on hardcore drugs and sleeping with the entire male population of my town. I was an A+ student who worked every day after school plus weekends, don’t know when she thought I’d have time for all of that.

When I went away to college, my parents would call me every day. I went away to a fraternity weekend retreat during my freshman year where us pledges weren’t supposed to bring our phones. I told my parents that I’m going away 3 days and not to call me.

On the day we were coming back, the guy driving us got a call. He then hands me his phone and tells me to call my parents. It turns out, that when my parent couldn’t reach me for 3 days, they came to my college, and went around my dorm and half the campus asking everyone if they’ve seen their lost little boy. I was 18 at the time.

On top of that, since I was on their family cell phone plan, they looked up all the numbers I had recently called and texted. They proceeded to call everyone letting them know I’m “lost” and asking if they knew where I was. This included girls that I had crushes on but barely knew, random classmates, and mild acquaintances.
When I got back to my worried parents waiting for me at my dorm, I found my cell phone with a bunch of messages of people asking if I’m okay and letting me know my parents are looking for me.

For the next day, every 1 in 5 people I walked passed would ask me if I talked to my parents because they were looking for me.

I wasn’t allowed to hang out with girls when I was younger and one day I was at the school park with some of my friends and there were a couple girls there too. My mom called me on the phone to ask who I was hanging out with. I only mentioned my guy friends. Well apparently my mom was spying on me with binoculars (the park was just a few blocks from my house). As soon as she saw the girls, she drove to the park, got out and made a big scene about it in front of everyone, and made me go home.