In the United States, if you use the Internet more than six hours a day and give up on matters of personal hygiene, they give you a job at

But in China, the exact same behavior might land you a stint in a “concentration rehab camp” for Internet addicts.

The Daily Mail was recently granted access to one such camp known as the China Young Mental Development Base, which was featured in the recent documentary, Web Junkie.

At the facility, patients are treated like military prisoners, and are forced to perform regimented drills when they aren’t participating in therapy sessions. Daily routines are highly structured, and smartphones, computers, and televisions are prohibited. As an added bonus, the camp claims it is able to “cure” patients of their homosexuality, should the need arise.

“Western media relates the Base to concentration camps when they see the training,” Tao Ran, a psychiatrist who runs the camp, told The Daily Mail. “But the addicts are bad at self-discipline. They eat junk food and show little respect for each other. If we didn’t force them to get up and to go to bed at a required time, it wouldn’t work.”

Tao claims the facility has an 85-to-90 percent cure rate for Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), a disese that some Western experts don’t even recognize as legitimate.

But considering the Chinese government believes 24-million children may be suffering from IAD, it’s safe to say they’re going to need a bigger camp.

(Source: The Daily Mail)