When you hear about “leaked photos” of another country’s “supercar,” you kind of lose your sense with an imaginative take. You think maybe it’ll look like half alien spaceship and half Bond getaway. But it’s a competitive market, so of course it’s akin to what you know back home. Such is the case with the very slick Chinese electric supercar, which we score a peek at thanks to a leaked look.

The Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation (BAIC), one of China’s larger automakers, aims to reveal its super-EV at this month’s home show. About the size of the Ferrari 488 GTB, though a bit wider and taller, China’s electric supercar is supposed to hit 62 mph in less than three seconds, top out at more than 160 mph, and pick up 186 miles on a single charge. To top it off, it just looks sweet.

[H/T Autoblog]