The British engineering firm Atkins Global is building a five-star hotel near Shanghai. While that in and of itself isn’t noteworthy, the structure’s unique location in an abandoned rock quarry is turning heads.

Shanghai Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Hotel will be built directly into the face of the quarry pit, which is approximately 100 meters deep, 240 meters long, and 160 meters wide. And as BroBible points out, the finished product will look more like a Bond villain’s secret lair than a hotel.

Through careful study of the site, four elements – “forest, mist, water and stone” are captivated and become the soul of the architectural concept. Our architects do not intend to destroy the serenity of the site, but hold the belief of “creating a hotel which blends naturally into the surrounding nature.”

The landscape of the hotel is divided into two parts - the ground level and the open water in the bottom of the pit. The design of the ground level uses lush and mature planting to recreate a picturesque landscape. In addition, a walkway along the perimeter of the quarry will provide guests a closer appreciation of the “forest, mist, water and stone” than viewing from hotel balconies. Cascading water cliff walk and lake-side sunken tea house create intimate experience immersing people in nature.

According to the Atkins Global website, the hotel is slated for completion sometime this year. But given the current economic conditions in China, I wouldn’t be surprised if the completion date was pushed back to sometime closer to the year two thousand and never. But I’m just guessing.

(Source: Atkins Global, H/T: BroBible)

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