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Courtesy of Imgur.

A man in the U.K. supposedly got more than he bargained for when he bought a new pair of socks. Nestled within the new footwear was a note written in Chinese pleading for help.

According to the Shanghaiist:

The note appears to tell the story of a 39-year-old [prisoner] named “Ting Kun Ding” from Anhui province, who writes that he is being held hostage after attempting to report some corrupt local officials. He goes on to claim that his wife has been taken to a mental institution and his father killed in a hospital.

The note was posted online by Lucy Kirk, the daughter of the man who supposedly found it. Although there is clear potential for this being a hoax (from the woman who posted it or from someone in China), Primark, the store that sold the socks, has taken an interest in the note, and claims to be investigating.

A supposed translation of the note (which has not been verified) from Reddit user Atarut can be seen below:

To all members of society who support justice, please help. My name is Ding Tingkun. I am a 39-year-old man. I live in China, Anhui Province, Lingbi County, Damiao Town, Shatan Village, No. 6 Group. Because I went to Beijing to report corrupt officials in person, on 29 June 2014, I was framed by the Damiao Town government leaders for “extortion.” I have since been shut in the Lingbi County jail. I have suffered great mental torment. My wife was forcibly locked up in a mental hospital, and both she and I have been crippled by injury! On 22 May 2014, my father was murdered in the Damiao hospital! Please, anyone who reads this letter, please pass this letter on to our country’s leader Chairman Xi Jinping, and through the media bring these things to light! Thank you!!! Local corrupt officials have no law and no heaven. They publicly oppose the central government’s policies, satisfying their superiors but deceiving the public. They cover up the truth of things. They painstakingly arrange schemes to manufacture false charges! I resolutely support the Chinese Communist Party’s central leadership and Chairman Xi Jinping’s honest, people-loving good government! Seeker of Help: Ding Tingkun 24 June 2014, jail Older brother Ding Qiang’s cell phone: …

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