Most kids in high school and college drive crappy cars. It’s just a fact of life that comes with a stage in life where you don’t have much money and/or are dependent on hand-me-down automobiles from your parents. It’s somewhat different for the children of China’s elite studying in the United States.

Approximately 235,000 students from mainland China attend American high schools and universities. Some of those are the sons and daughters of the rich. As such, they have an affinity for luxury goods. Vocativ visited a secret meet-up of rich Chinese students in Southern California where the kids gather to show off their supercars. Ferraris, Bentleys and Lamborghinis were on display. And these kids don’t just have one luxury car. One of the people interviewed boasts about having three Ferraris and another girl says that her Maserati is just for special occasions and that she uses an Audi as her daily driver.

Since the Chinese government doesn’t want publicity around how the children of its ruling class are living, these meet-ups are held in secret, but the events certainly aren’t demure. They are for the express purpose of flaunting status symbols, after all.

Watch the video of the supercar meet-up below:

h/t Jalopnik

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