Love it or hate it, Chipotle, the Mexican fast-food chain known for absurdly high calories and a recent E. coli outbreak, has become as American as apple pie (just don’t tell Trump). After a few months of teasing a dessert menu, it appears that the chain’s first official dessert, set to be released this quarter, is a traditional Mexican confection known as buñuelos.

What are buñuelos? A pile of fried sugary tortilla strips topped with honey and cinnamon. Chipotle will offer a sweet yet decadent caramel apple sauce for dipping. Good Lord, my toes just curled.

Obviously, this is the dessert Chipotle’s CMO Mark Crumpacker hinted toward back in January when he announced that the new dessert item “only adds one ingrediens not already found in our restaurants.” He adds that, “it’s easy to prepare, and it’s delicious.” Well, I’m sold.

Rumour has it buñuelos will hit stores by the end of the month. Many speculate that the chain originally intended to launch a dessert menu much earlier but were delayed after the highly publicized E. coli outbreak that hit 14 states back in 2015.

Obviously, Chipotle is using their new dessert to reclaim customers lost during their nightmare scenario. Other attempts included a three-month loyalty program called Chiptopia but desserts may be their most auspicious attempt at winning us back.

Since announcing its menu expansion, the company reported that first-quarter revenue has increased by an impressive 28 percent to $1.07 billion, resulting in a four percent rise in share values. So things at Chipotle are definitely looking up.

Also worth noting is the fact that buñuelos will be the third major addition to Chipotle’s menu in the past 20 years. Meaning these things have got to be as good as they say they are to merit a menu expansion.

It’s cool, I was never going to get that summer body anyway.