There are so many different types of tattoos these days. “Tattoo” is such a broad term; there’s big ones, small ones, colorful ones, black and white ones, portraits, text, and basically everything else you could possibly imagine. There’s the ones that are done with the thick black lines, there’s the tribal pattern ones, and there’s the one’s that are in that faded green ink that you know comes from jail. One type of tattoo I’ve never seen before is white ink on white skin, making it almost invisible. So, being the rebel that she typically is, that’s exactly what Chloe Grace Moretz went and got.

jc #whiteink #jonboytattoo

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Yep, look closely and there’s a tattoo there. From what I can tell, this jonboytattoo fellow is all about the simplistic, minimalistic kind of tatts. I must say, I dig it.

Chloe wasn’t finished with the ankle. She got some more new ink as well:

JanetteDuke #jonboytattoo

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While she was there, she decided she’d do some tattooing as well; because why the hell not?!

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