Publisher Square Enix officially has the best video game promotion probably ever: an upcoming mission in which you’re tasked with assassinating either Gary Busey or Gary Cole.

The Choose Your Hit promo starts with the video above, in which the two actors square off over who’s worse. On the one hand, there’s Busey, the smarmy bastard from Predator 2 who got chopped in half by an alien blade disc. On the other hand, Cole, who literally played a serial killer in a Lifetime movie. One claims to have killed the dinosaurs (and with Busey you never know); the other once bludgeoned a baby seal with another baby seal, according to himself.

It’s even more ridiculous than it sounds. Using either the #KillCole or #KillBusey hashtag on Twitter, fans get to pick which target they want to see in an upcoming mission in the recently released episode Hitman, which is adding more episodes, kill contracts, and assassination missions over time. Right now in the game, with only the first episode currently released, there’s only one big mission to complete, but after the Choose Your Hit contest wraps up, whichever Gary gets the most votes will appear in the game, sometime this summer. There’s more info on the campaign’s website.

Right now there’s only the one video detailing which Gary deserves more to be digitally garoted, sniped, or drowned in a toilet, but the campaign will be adding more videos to sway your opinion in the future. Really, though, it seems likely more people will think of every boss who ever made them come in on Sunday and vote for Cole. Faced with the requirement to take down Busey, one can’t help but wonder if most folks will suffer a Point Break-esque moment of indecision.