With less than a week until Election Day, Hollywood’s big hitters are coming out in troves with their stump speeches in a final effort to sway Tuesday’s main event. On Conan last night, Louis C.K. made a plea to the undecided voting bloc, laying into those constiuents with some harsh words. Chris Pine and Joss Whedon, who have spent a decent amount of time battling cosmic bureaucracies in their respective Star Trek and Avengers franchises, are also joining the cause, releasing a hilariously spot-on PSA titled “If Congress Was Your Coworker” to remind voters that, while Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the spotlight, they really need to vote down-ballot too.

Major props go to Pine, who for years has been trying to escape his pretty-boy box to fully flex his acting muscles. Sure, he’s succeeded in films like Hell or High Water, Horrible Bosses 2 and People Like Us, but as Congress personified, he nails an entire governmental body all at once. Playing a white-collar new hire with every bad quality of an elected official (greed, intransigence, rage, pride, an overactive libido), Pine embodies the manchild mentality that has stunted government—from blocking a vote to install Merrick Garland as Supreme Court Justice to denying climate change by citing the Bible. Throughout the video, Pine’s coworkers (read: we citizens) are in shock at what he can get away with without being fired.

“Shutting down the company, for a month!” Pine squeals. “I still get paid.”

“He can't—he can’t just do that right?” asks a subordinate.

“Well…” replies another.

Whedon and Pine’s satire is amusing and worth a few guffaws—until you realize that the source material is reality. That might put you in a sullen mood, but remember, Pine and Whedon are pressing the same message as our current Commander: “Don’t boo. Vote.