There’s no telling why Chris Rock has been pulled over three times in under two months. Whether or not any of the reasons have been legitimate, the world-renowned comedian wants to make sure his fans know what’s going on - presumably on the chance that foul play might ensue after one of these traffic stops. Rock has posted grim selfies to social media (complete with the fuzz in his rearview) following each incident. In the most recent case he asked followers to “wish me luck.”

Maybe he has a problem with a broken tail light? Or, maybe, like many an African-American behind the wheel, one of the nation’s foremost humorists has been found guilty of driving while black. Whether or not the latter is so, it’s hard to hear the news and not recall the scathing commentary of Rock’s Bigger and Blacker:

Elsewhere in the routine he declares: “Shit, there ain’t a white man in this room that would change places with me. None of you would change places with me … And l’m rich!”