Chrissy Teigen doesn’t hold back, whether it comes to her choice of dress or speaking her mind – and that’s why people love her. When she introduced husband John Legend’s performance at the American Music Awards last night, she used it as an opportunity to point out what a carnival of horrors the election and its consequent results has been, not that most of us need any reminding.

“What can I say? I’m very inspiring,” she joked about being her man’s muse, “but his songs are bigger than either of us, and on the heels of what’s been a really interesting, fucked up, fucking election for all of us, I think we all could use a little love tonight.”

Of course, she got bleeped out because it’s basic cable, but the point was made, loud and clear. Chrissy still got flack for using “foul language about our election at 8:30pm central time,” to which she just laughed, emoji-style.

Her delightfully distracting Yousef Akbar dress, featuring symmetrical slits up to her ribcage, could not be censored. Who needs underwear when you have your own hands to cover your crotch? While many are deeming the look a “wardrobe malfunction” in motion, when you actively decide to wear a scandalous dress, you’re owning it, plain and simple. Chrissy also illustrated the power of safety pins and double-sided tape, not to mention the potency of an in-control woman.