Chrissy Teigen is an avid Twitter user, but she has never been a fan of the Trumps. She mocked Donald Trump’s tweets for years before he blocked her back in July. Yesterday, she dropped some Twitter wisdom on another famous Trump—Ivanka.

When Ivanka Trump tweeted a photo of herself with her baby nephew, referring to it as part of an “otherwise incredible day,” Teigen responded to point out that Ivanka was using the word “otherwise” wrong:

As usual, Teigen is correct. Even dictionary publishers Merriam-Webster joined the discussion. They posted about the Twitter exchange between Trump and Teigen, and offered several examples of how to use “otherwise” correctly.

Meanwhile, Teigen continues to demonstrate her total mastery of the social media platform. Earlier today, she crowdsourced a bunch of brown bananas so she could make banana bread. She offered to trade “a signed cookbook, John’s underwear and a Becca palette” for a bunch of bananas, and quickly made a deal with a local fan. If you’re not following Chrissy Teigen on all of her social media sites, you’re missing out on deals like that, as well as posts like these:


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to the opera!

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