Over the weekend, Donald Trump tweeted a complaint that Republicans aren’t doing enough to protect him from criticism, and Chrissy Teigen responded with the message “Lolllllll no one likes you.”

Teigen has been vocal about her dislike of Trump for years, long before he ever ran for office, but apparently, that was the tweet that finally pushed him over the edge. When she logged in to Twitter this morning, she saw that he had blocked her:

Is the president even allowed to block messages from the American public? A recent lawsuit filed by the Knight First Amendment Institute says Trump is acting “unlawfully.” The First Amendment not only covers freedom of speech, it gives people the right “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” While Twitter is a private company, Trump uses it as a public forum—and Teigen (although she’s not involved in the lawsuit) seems within her rights to freely criticize him in the same forum.

Trump and Teigen are both verified users of Twitter, which means they have access to certain features that the rest of us miss out on, like the ability to view mentions only from verified accounts. Whether or not Trump was using that feature, he’s a very active Twitter user, and it seems likely he saw many of Teigen’s critical tweets.

Here are some examples of how Teigen has expressed her “grievances” about Trump over the years:

Maybe instead of blocking Teigen, Trump should take a closer look at her Twitter feed. He could learn a few things.