Stop your engines—bazing!—because Christian Bale will no longer be Enzo Ferrari, says Deadline. Sure, while you, me, and everyone we know were pretty into the idea of seeing the Academy Award winner play the eponymous racing team and brand founder, he’s left the production of Enzo Ferrari. However, it comes down to a surprising reason (well, for Bale anyway): his weight.

Bale’s become increasingly concerned that he’d be unable to gain the necessary amount of weight safely by the springtime production start date. He foresees a problematic process to do so, bringing up some health concerns. It’s no secret he’s no stranger to radical weight change for movies, if given the right amount of time to do it properly. I mean, he slimmed down to the sickly junkie weight of The Fighter and downright uncomfortable weight of The Machinist, and he’s also bulked up like hell for Batman Begins and straight beefed out for American Hustle. He’s like a stretch toy, even in his latest film, The Big Short.

The upcoming racing biopic is based on Brock Yates’s book Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races, with the film focuses on 1957 specifically, the year quite a bit of bad was thrown Ferrari’s way.

The Bale exit is a bummer because he’d be in seriously ideal hands, given that the flick’s being handled with great care by director Michael Mann (Heat, The Insider, Collateral). This is a pet project of sorts, as Mann’s actually been aiming to get this made for 15 years, originally starting up preliminary work on it with acclaimed director Sydney Pollack before his passing.

Mann’s now on the prowl for his new Ferrari.