This boy’s parents should consider themselves lucky. Why? Because this Christmas, while most kids were clamoring for expensive Star Wars video games and Frozen DVD’s, all their son wanted was a tooth brush and a $5 bottle of steak sauce. Talk about hitting the parental jackpot!

The boy’s father posted the following explanation to YouTube:

My son Anthony asked Santa for three things; a Paw Patrol tooth brush, a bottle of A-1 Steak Sauce and a drum for his 18 month old sister Lillian to play. Santa brought all three, but his reaction to the steak sauce was heartwarming and genuine. He was telling everyone it was a special bottle with Reindeer Spices and that Santa made it just for him! Who knew such a simple gift would be so awesome? Proves sometimes it is the simplest gifts that matter the most. And I’m pretty sure he’s serious when he says he isn’t sharing.

Is this really a hilariously heartfelt moment captured on video, or just a brilliant bit of viral marketing perpetrated by the devious minds at Kraft Foods? I’m not sure. But either way, thanks to this video, the people who make A.1. Steak Sauce are having a very good day.

(H/T: The Daily Dot)