Another week, another round of trailers to amuse us. Unfortunately the week was a little light, since we’re still recovering from the juggernaut that was San Diego Comic-Con, but we’ve still got some intriguing stuff to look at, starting with the next epic film from Christopher Nolan.

After years of science fiction cinema, the great Christopher Nolan is turning his eye to historical drama with this film chronicling the legendary Dunkirk evacuation of 1940, as German forces closed in on British and French troops near the English channel. The cast includes Nolan favorite Tom Hardy, along with great character actors like Mark Rylance, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh. We’ve never seen Nolan attempt something quite like this before, so that the very least it’ll be interesting.

Netflix’s latest original film is this candy-colored drama about six strangers whose lives intersect during an EDM festival. The trailer does kinda have the generic “follow your dreams” feel to it, but the cast seems winning, and it has the potential to be a lot of fun.

Syfy’s had a lot of success in the drama department lately thanks to shows like 12 Monkeys and The Expanse, and now it hopes to continue that run with Incorporated, a new future-set series from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. The trailer doesn’t offer all that much in the way of plot, but it looks incredibly slick, and sets up a nice little whiff of paranoia that could blossom into an interesting show.

This fantasy adventure is apparently the most expensive film production ever undertaken in China. It stars Matt Damon and Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal as they attempt to stave off a monster attack at the titular 5,500-mile long monument. The premise is, essentially, that the Great Wall wasn’t just built to keep out foreign invaders. It was was built to keep out giant beasts. We’ll see if the flick lives up to the epic vibes it’s giving off here.

Disney’s had tremendous success lately with live-action remakes of its animated classics, and the next shot at that streak is this remake of the classic live-action animation hybrid about a friendship between a boy and a dragon. It’s got all the Disney production swagger going for it, and when you throw in Robert Redford as the mentor figure, it seems like a guaranteed hit.