The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is almost upon us, and if you’re grabbing one when it finally launches, Chronos is one of the small slate of games you’ll probably want to grab with it.

While there are a bunch of games that’ll be VR-ready within the next few months, Chronos is one of the few that’s an Oculus exclusive, and it’ll be ready to grab the second you plug in your VR headset. It also looks to be an interesting take on games akin to The Legend of Zelda—you head into a weird labyrinth, fight monsters with a sword and try not to die. If you do die, however, you get tossed out of the labyrinth and your character loses a year of their life waiting for it to re-open. So potentially, if you’re terrible at it, you could really wreck this poor digital person’s prospects for a post-labyrinth happy ending.

Then again, a virtual reality in which you play an old man trying desperately to lift a heavy-ass sword and slay a dragon sounds like a weird and fun concept—perfect for the new age of games you’ll play on a screen you wear on your face.