Fiat Chrysler is recalling 1.4 million vehicles due to hacking fears, The Detroit News is reporting. The recall comes in the wake of an investigation by Wired Magazine that showed certain Chrysler vehicles were susceptible to unauthorized wireless control.

Researchers for Wired magazine remotely hacked into a 2014 Jeep Cherokee in a real-world test that included disabling the SUV’s engine functions and controlling interior features such as air conditioning, locks and the radio.

Initially, Chrysler hoped to handle the problem without issuing a recall. However, due to mounting pressure from Congress and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the company changed course.

“Innovation is occurring at lighting speed, and the intersection of automobiles and technology offers tremendous opportunity to keep families safe on the road and improve the American driving experience,” said Congressman Fred Upton, who chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee. “But as the underlying technologies seemingly evolve by the day, so too must our manufacturers and regulators keep pace to protect drivers from these growing threats.”

(Source: The Detroit Press)