While it poured rain in Los Angeles yesterday, Cindy Crawford found the perfect place to stay warm and dry: a sauna. It’s traditional to sauna in the nude, and Crawford appears to being doing just that in her latest Instagram photo. In the pic, the 50-year-old supermodel wears a white towel, with a hint of cleavage peaking out where the towel is tucked into itself. She looks radiant.

When it’s raining in LA, and your husband is watching 🏈 — sauna Sunday it is!

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Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell was 10,000 miles away in South Africa, but she definitely got the memo that white towels are the new lingerie. She posted a pic of herself drying off after an outdoor shower at a luxurious resort. Mitchell is turned away from the camera with a towel covering her lower half, and she looks stunning. As her caption says, it’s “Not a bad way to freshen up after 12 hrs of travel from Rwanda to Cape Town.”

Who wore it better? We’re going to call this a tie, but if any other hot celebrities want to get in on the “How hot am I in a towel?” competition, we look forward to seeing their entries.