We’re seen some pretty creepy things in our time, but this one might take the cake. Apparently, this cloaked figure was sneaking into playgrounds, but if pretending to be Voldemort wasn’t scary enough this person was also dropping random bits of raw meat at the playground too.

After the post featuring the meat-dropping, hooded figure went viral, local police started to investigate the images.

Creepy, cloaked figure dropping RAW MEAT on playgrounds sparks fear among residents in North Carolina communityThe…

Posted by Carlos Perez on Sunday, August 23, 2015

According to this Facebook post, the creepy figure appeared outside of an apartment complex in North Carolina. However, other residents claim they spotted the cloaked person at the park as well.

But most people, ourselves included, are still confused about the whole raw meat thing.

Local police are currently looking into the situation, however they can’t tell much from the picture, including if it was taken at the reported location.

There haven’t been any new reports of the cloaked figure, but if there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s that this guy is downright creepy.