Nintendo just pulled what might be the most beloved character in all of video games into its title about beating the hell out of beloved video game characters.

Final Fantasy VII’s gruff, aloof protagonist, Cloud Strife, is headed to the Wii U’s Super Smash Bros., complete with the accoutrements fans love about him, like a ridiculously huge sword, magic spells that summon giant monsters to wail on people, and unexplainably spikey, sculpted hair. Nintendo announced Cloud’s addition to the roster of fighters—which includes Nintendo franchise characters as well as Pac-Man, Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog—during its live Nintendo Direct announcement event today.

Cloud is suddenly back on the minds of gamers with the announcement earlier this year that Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a remake, something fans have pined over for years. And it’s not the first time the character has jumped into other universes, either, as he has notably appeared in the Kingdom Hearts games from time to time. Those titles mix the worlds of Final Fantasy games with Disney’s various universes. Since Cloud has hung out in the same zip code as Mickey Mouse, it’s not too far afield to see him bash Mario with his sword a few hundred times.

Nintendo hasn’t said when Cloud will join the Smash roster, but there’s another Nintendo Direct aimed squarely at the game coming in December.