Truly, no current musical act can replace Queen Beyoncé in the eyes and hearts of those heading to Coachella in April, but there may be a particular silver (and gold, and neon) lining: robots.

Bookies, because, yes, this is a thing odds-takers are betting on, have a good lead on Daft Punk replacing Bey as the Saturday night headliner, and our inside sources and divining rods seem to agree. An anonymous source working on Daft Punk’s production has confirmed to Playboy that the Robots are planning a major—and we do mean major—tour this spring. Coachella would be the perfect place to kick it off.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Jamie McCarthy / Getty

Additionally, the duo never toured their Grammy Award-winning album Random Access Memories, so they have plenty of new material that fans have not seen live. There were rumblings about Jay-Z, which would be a great branding move for the power couple, but with Beyoncé on bed rest it seems that Hova might need to be by his lady’s side.

Daft Punk’s odds are currently at 3:1 (with Jay at 5:1), which are fairly good, especially given the rumors circulating throughout the music industry. And while robots are no true replacement for Queen B, they certainly are a pretty rad consolation.

Update as of 2/28/2017

Well, we were wrong. Hope no one place a bet on our behalf. It appears that Queen B will be replaced by Lady Gaga herself. Gaga has yet to confirm but all outlets are saying the Joanne singer will be at Coachella this year.