Coachella Phone Thief Main Peter Dazeley / Getty

While most of the people attending Coachella last weekend were there to have a good time—or, at least, to watch Hans Zimmer bwaaaaaaaaam his way into their hearts with an Inception medley—some people were there to work. That meant, for this iPhone thief, stealing more than 100 phones before being caught.

Indeed, 36-year-old Reinaldo De Jesus Henao spent Friday working his heart out, jugging by local news reports, which reveal that he was arrested at 5:50 that evening with more than 100 stolen phones hidden in a backpack. For those wondering, this means he’d got to work while the lesser acts of the festival were playing; if he was arrested at 5:50pm, then the Avalanches hadn’t even started their set yet, never mind headliners for the day like D.J. Shadow or Radiohead. It also means he was stealing somewhere in the region of 20 phones an hour since the event started.

It wasn’t just Henao who was on the case, however. According to local police, upon discovering their phones were missing, multiple Coachellers (as we’ll now call Coachella attendees) activated the “Find My Phone” feature, which provided the location of their now-more-mobile phones, and allowed Henao to be held by festival security before police arrived.

While a number of phones were returned to their owners, many remain unclaimed and up for grabs via the festival’s Lost and Found website. For those wondering whether or not crime pays, consider this: Henao was charged with suspicion of grand theft and receiving stolen property, but released soon after his arrest upon posting $10,000 bail. How much does a stolen iPhone go for these days, anyway?